6 ways to start your day


Put On Some Music
Music therapy has been shown to reduce stress and have a positive effect on health. Listening to music as you get ready and start your day will create positive energy and a soothing sense of peace (or a sense of fun, if you play party music). Music can compliment other healthy lifestyle habits, adding a sense of peace to a yoga workout, putting a spring in your step on a morning walk, or stimulating your mind as you write in your journal.

Relax in the Shower
Many of us shower in the morning, though we often rush through it because we need to get on with our day. As you let the warm water loosen your muscles, think about the possibilities that lie ahead, think about what you have to be grateful for in life, and remember this serene feeling. When you encounter challenges through the day, just think back to this relaxed feeling, and you may be able to approach your stressors from a more centered place.

Eat a Balanced Breakfast
For those of you who start the day on a bagel and coffee, read this! Breakfast is known as ‘the most important meal of the day’ for a very good reason: a healthy meal in the morning can balance your blood sugar levels and give you the sustenance you need to handle physical and mental stress. Without it, you will be less resilient, both physically and mentally. Be sure to have plenty of protein and fruit, not just caffeine and empty calories!

Drink Green Tea

Sipping a warm cup of tea is a soothing activity that will help you prepare for the day ahead and feel nurtured. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, so it’s a delicious and healthy lifestyle choice.

Write in Your Journal
Journaling has many health and stress management benefits, and can also lead to increased self-awareness. Take a few minutes to reflect on what you enjoyed about the day before, focus on what you hope to achieve in the day ahead, or just write about what you are grateful for right now. Writing once a day can help you feel focused, process negative emotions, and solve problems.

Morning Walk
Walking has so many health benefits, the stress management benefits are practically just gravy! A morning walk can get you ready for your day, help you sleep better at night, lower your stress level, and reduce your risk of numerous health conditions. And if you bring a dog with you, you’ll be lavished with attention as well!


 For a healthy body and peaceful mind, few activities give as much ‘bang for your buck’ as yoga. Combining all the goodness of several stress management techniques, such as diaphragmic breathing, meditation, stretching and more, yoga provides some of the best stress management and health benefits you can find in a single technique. A good way to start your morning is by doing a series ofyogaposes called Sun Salutation.

Natural way of permanent hair removal

Collect a lot of walnut shells and burn them. Mix resulting ash with water (1 tbs of ash with 1l of water). Let it sit for 12 hours. Use cotton swabs dipped into mixture to go over areas where you want to remove hair. Repeat several times a day. You can keep the mixture on for 30 minutes. You will notice hair reduction, and in several months, they will be completely gone.

Chill out - Refreshing fruit frappe

On summer days when you want to make something fruity usually is that a banana milk shake or eventually strawberry. But only a little more effort will create a healthy refreshing fruit mix.

The ingredients

The bottom layer 1 avocado, 4 spoons of yogurt, 1 teaspoon honey, and 3 ice cubes

Middle layer: 1 banana, 1 mango, 2 tablespoons of honey, half a cup of orange juice and six small ice cubes

Topping: 1 banana, 8 strawberries, 1 teaspoon honey and 4 - 5 ice cubes

Mix the separate each layer. While preparing the next, the previous layer shall be cooled in the fridge. Enjoy healthy fruit mix


How to burn calories quickly

This routine includes walking movements of Tabata, which include short intervals of high intense resistance exercises that will help you burn calories faster. If you just walk for half an hour with fast walking, you will burn 170 calories, but with this simple plan you will burn even 245.

1. Walk slowly 13 minutes.

2. Then, run the two-minute Tabata this exercise:

You stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms bent in front of you so that you fists are in line with your shoulders. Squat as if you sit on a chair, then stand on your fingers and stretch your arms above your head. Repeat this movement for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds. Do one set.

3. Jump like skipping rope for 20 seconds and then rest 10 and do another set.

4. Walk at a brisk walk another 13 minutes.

5. In the end, the two still run the two-minute Tabata moves:

- Marclh off in place and lift your knees as much as you can for 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds and serve up another set.

- Then, you stand to your feet touching and hands stretch out next to the body. Crouch and jump to one side and then again on the other side. Repeat this for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds and serve up another set.

Enjoy: Food for relaxation that's not fattening

Many resor to food and nibbling all kinds of things when they feel that they are under some pressure. But the trouble is, if at the same time want to keep the line. Nibbling and chewing relieves tension, and if you choose a useful diet rich in vitamins and chews, success will be complete.

POPCORN (but domestic)

Their biting and chewing helps irritated nerves to calm down. If you prepare properly, without fat or calorie supplements can affect the line. Buy popcorn and start ...


Hot vegetable soup is packed with nutrients and is recommended to calm tensions, and is great for those who keep an eye on the line.


Carbohydrates increase serotonin levels in the brain, a chemical that helps you relax. Baked potato (without oilor butter) has only 145 calories per serving. 


Vitamin C contained in this fruit helps the production of adrenaline, which allows us to deal with stress. They are useful because they contain a high amount of fiber. 


It is rich with vitamin A which is an antioxidant and an important element in the fight against the consequences of the organism causing prolonged exposure to stress. Low in calories and high in fiber.